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Autumnal Update 2021

Happy Autumn, everyone! I hope everyone had a great summer. Personally, I was grateful to do a lot of travel to places like Charleston, Provincetown, Ithaca and a Route 66 road trip with my Dad! I also got to participate in the Covenant House Stage and Screen Sleep Out, a fundraiser for the young people at Covenant House overcoming homelessness. Alongside people like Rachel Brosnahan, Audra McDonald and Stephanie J Block, the stage and screen community raised over $300,000!

Artistically, I've been seen doing stand up at Stand Up NY, The Tiny Cupboard, White Horse Tavern Belly Laugh Comedy and more. It feels great to be making people laugh in person again! I also was a guest on Only Sketches About.... Listen to this hilarious podcast sketch show HERE!

During the pandemic, I was lucky enough to co-star in a musical podcast called The World to Come (available wherever you listen to podcasts). The cast and crew finally united in person to sing a selection of songs in concert at The Green Room 42 in October (my character hosted the evening) It was an absolute blast to sing the music by Erik Ransom and Andy Peterson together and in person. Directed by Rachel Klein.

'Synonymous With', a short film I starred in (dir. Thom Hilton) has completed its festival circuit, having been seen at KC Film Fest, Hollywood Horror Fest, Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival West Sound Film Festival, Full Bloom Festival and more. It is now available to stream anywhere. Click HERE to watch this vulnerable mock-unmentary about the life of a former late night horror host.

And of course, I've been continuing to release more Food Network impressions/parodies and other comedic content. I'm so grateful to my 33K followers on TikTok and 17K on Instagram for their constant support of this niche humor! Check me out on TikTok and Instagram to see! These Food Network videos have become so popular, that I am now on CAMEO, where you can purchase a personalized Barefoot Contessa impression video from me for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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